5 Tips For Caring For Bleached Hair

Posted on: 18 April 2016

Whether you opted for face framing highlighting or decided to dye your entire head blonde, bleach can have damaging effects on your hair. It can dry out your locks and make them feel like straw. However, if you make some changes to your routine, you can improve the health of your hair. Here are five helpful tips for caring for bleached hair:

Turn Off the Heat

Heat styling tools can be bad for all types of hair, but they are especially damaging to bleached locks. Your hair is already dry from the bleach, and using a curling iron or flat-iron every day will just make it worse. Try to only use heat styling tools for special occasions. 

Use a Deep Conditioner Once a Week

When you have bleach in your hair, it is even more important to deep condition your tresses once a week. A good deep conditioner will put the moisture back in your hair, helping it look and feel a lot healthier. After you shampoo your hair, apply deep conditioner and leave it on for several minutes. You will love how soft your hair will feel afterward.

Shield Your Hair from the Sun

Exposing your bleached hair to the sun too frequently will not just dry it out even more; it can also turn the color brassy. Before you leave the house, do not forget to apply a UV protectant hairspray to your tresses. You can also wear a hat or scarf on your head.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Often

It also is not wise to shampoo bleached hair too often. Bleach has already stripped so much moisture from your hair, and washing it every day will just do more damage. To minimize damage, try not to wash your hair more than every other day. If your hair gets oily fast, dry shampoo will be a big help.

Try Purple Tinted Shampoo

If your hair is starting to look a bit brassy, try washing it with purple tinted shampoo once a week. This shampoo will help neutralize the yellow tones in your hair and leave it looking shiny and beautiful. 

Taking care of bleached hair will definitely take some extra effort, but it is definitely worth it. If you use the right products and avoid further damage, it is possible to have healthy and beautiful bleached hair. Ask your hairdresser how often you should get touchups for your color and highlights


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