Four Accessories That Will Sell Out At Your Tanning Salon

Posted on: 5 May 2016

As the owner of a tanning salon, the majority of your bread and butter will come from tanning packages. If you are looking to expand your business, there are some accessories that tanners would love to have as a novelty. Here are some tanning accessory items that you should introduce as money makers in your tanning salon. 

String bikinis

It is common for individuals to wear bathing suits or bikinis while they tan; however, many people will not own string bikinis. String bikinis offer much less coverage than your average two-piece bikini bathing suit, therefore, they provide a tan in more places. Stock standard string bikinis in neutral colors in all sizes at your salon. These will sell each time someone wants to make sure their tan is spread across more of their body.

Body stickers

Hearts, stars, and horseshoes are not just for kid's cereal. It is common for teen tanners to want to place a body sticker in a specific area before they tan. This way the sticker will keep one area light and leave a temporary tattoo-esque shape. Offering these in packages will encourage friends and families that come to your salon to purchase the package and place their "tattoo" where they will get to enjoy it for the season. You can also change out the stickers so that they coincide with the holidays and seasons. 

Bluetooth speakers

Though customers will wear goggles in UV tanning beds, they may still want a little bit of entertainment to take up their day. A great addition to tanning bedrooms are Bluetooth speakers. This way, customers can bring in their phone or tablet and connect to Bluetooth and enjoy their favorite shows. You can rent out the Bluetooth and even access to specific shows or radio for a nominal fee to tanners. Many will enjoy having the option of personal entertainment while they tan. 

Childcare area 

To make patronage easier for the mom who wants to maintain her sun-kissed look year round, offer babysitting services at your tanning salon. Setting up an area for children to play and hiring specific child care associates for this job means that moms can come in any time they need. Offer this service for an additional fee for tanners or as a part of a "mom tan package" that you put together. A store accessory that makes it easier for patrons to come in is an investment well worth the setup costs. 


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