3 Tips For Staying Cool In Your Wig This Summer

Posted on: 13 June 2016

If you wear a wig, you are in a unique position to keep your hair cool this summer. Here are a few tips to help you embrace wearing your wig in the summertime and enjoy a cool head while you are at it!

#1 Change Your Hairstyle

Many people change up their hair during the summer in order to stay cool; these changes can involve a new haircut or even a new hair color. As someone who wears a wig, you are in a unique position to change your hair without having to go through a grow out phase in the fall when you want to transition to a different hair style or color.

All you need to do to change your hairstyle is to purchase a new wig. Choose a short style that keeps the hair off your neck in order to get some relief this summer. Once you purchase a new short style wig, you should take it to your hairdresser and have them customize the cut to fit your face.

If you don't want a short hair style, you can always just try styling your hair differently this summer. Try putting your hair into a low up-do or wearing it in a braid to keep yourself cool.

#2 Try A Different Type Of Wig

Wigs made with natural human hair tend to be heavy; thus, they can be really hot in the summertime. Try out a synthetic hair wig for the summertime instead of a natural human hair wig. Synthetic hair is lighter weight than human hair, which will help you stay cool. Additionally, synthetic hair tends to be able to withstand hot and humid weather better, which means you will not have to style it as often during the summer months.

#3 Protect Your Hair

All the heat and humidity during the summertime can be hard on your wig. During the summer, you are going to want to wash your wig more often than you do during the cooler months of the year. Your scalp tends to sweat more during the summer months, which is why you need to wash it more often. You should wash your wig after about every five wears in the summer to keep it clean and comfortable -- or just whenever it starts to look greasy or feel lifeless.

You can also protect your wig from drying out by spraying some leave-in conditioner on it before you go outside. This will help keep the fibers in your wig moist and prevent them from drying and frizzing this summer. 

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