Stop Your Hands From Making You Look Older

Posted on: 7 July 2016

In the quest to fight premature aging, women tend to focus almost entirely on their face. They'll spend thousands of dollars on laser treatments, anti-aging night creams, and Botox to keep their faces looking young. However, what they often overlook is that sometimes it's the hands that give away a woman's true age. 

Over time, hands can be covered in brown spots, fine lines, and hollowed out spaces. The same things that cause your face to age prematurely affect your hands. Your hands' appearance is partly due to genetics and age, but sun exposure is the prime culprit in premature aging of the hands. Like your face, your hands are almost always exposed to the sun's UV rays, but people rarely think to protect them. In the winter they're covered with gloves and mittens, but the rest of the year you can take steps to keep your hands looking young.

Keep them Covered

Any sunscreen can work for your hands whether it's designed for your face or body. Some lines of sunscreen are specially made for hand protection. One tip is to keep a small tube of sunscreen in your car and apply it to the backs of your hands when you're driving. But, the bottom line is to use sunscreen often. Carrying sunscreen with you makes sense since you wash your hands multiple times throughout the day.

At-Home Treatments

If your hands are already showing signs of age or sun damage, there are things you can do. Applying cream that contains retinoids will increase the production of collagen, thus smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Retinoids can also lighten brown spots. Apply cream that contains retinoids once a day at bedtime.

In-Office Treatments

Dermatologists can also treat brown spots. A light spray of liquid nitrogen is one method for lightening brown spots on the hands. Brown spots can also be treated with lasers or IPL light treatments. A chemical peel is another treatment that can improve the appearance of your hands. Chemical peels use acid, and they not only lighten dark spots but they also help to remove wrinkles and fine lines. If your hands are looking hollow, injectable fillers can be used to plump them up as well.

A Simple Step

The least expensive yet most valuable treatment for aging hands is keeping them well moisturized. If the skin on your hands is dry and cracked, your hands will look dull and older. Apply moisturizer throughout the day to give your hands a healthy glow and youthful appearance.


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