3 Main Types Of Lash Services Offered In Spas And Salons

Posted on: 22 September 2021

Many women are obsessed with their lashes. From obsessively curling them to applying mascara, it seems like there is nothing else in the world that could make them happier than having long and lush eyelashes. If you love your lashes but would also love for them to be thicker, longer, or fuller, you need lash services. Here are some common types that spas and salons around town offer.

Individual Eyelashes

If you want a more natural and everyday look, individual lashes are the way to go. This lash extension technique adds one eyelash per follicle of your own on each eye, giving you thicker and longer-looking lashes that appear natural. They are great for those who want some extra length but don't feel they need quite as many lashes. Depending on what you're going for, they can also be applied to the outer corner or corner-to-corner while still helping you to maintain a very natural appearance. With these lashes on, you won't fear looking too dramatic or overdone. In addition, individual lashes can also be cut to customize the specific look you're going for.

Volume Lash Fills

Volume lashes are a popular choice for many lash lovers. Adding this lash requires a few hours and begins with a thorough cleaning and sanitizing process before the first set is applied. The lashes are then glued to create an effect of fullness or bulkiness. Volume lash services are perfect if you want longer-looking or thicker eyelashes with more dramatic results because they offer maximum thickness from base to tip.

Strip Lashes

These are a type of traditional lash extension. They work well for customers who want to create a subtle look or don't have time to return regularly for fills. Strip lashes can be applied in less than an hour, depending on how much eyelid space you need them to cover and if your natural lash length is already long enough. Once they are placed, they can last for a couple of weeks with proper care. They're also easy to remove, can be worn on top of natural lashes with mascara, and can be used to lift the corner of eyes.

Bottom Lashes

When it comes to bottom lashes, you can go with a soft and natural look for everyday wear or amp up glamor by switching out your lower lash extensions. The more dramatic look may not be the best choice if you're looking to achieve an understated appearance but is perfect when going all-out on special occasions like weddings and galas. Bottom lashes are applied in one solid line across the upper edge of the eye.

Lashes are a fun and flirty way to define your eyes. Your lash stylist will guide you on the best type of service you need to achieve the look you want. For more information, contact a lash service in your area, such as Allure Lash and Beauty.


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