Three Tips For Preparing For A Facial

Posted on: 15 November 2021

One of the best ways that you can improve the look and health of the skin on your face is to visit a local spa for a facial. Facials can vary depending on what package you buy, but each element of this session is designed to give you better-looking skin that is healthy. If you've made a facial appointment that is quickly approaching, it's important to take a few steps to prepare for this visit. Here are three tips that you should remember in the days that lead up to your facial treatment.

Avoid Getting Sunburned

A sunburn is never good for your skin, but some people enjoy getting enough sun to get a tan. Unfortunately, the line between a tan and a burn can be thin — and you don't want to show up with a sunburn when you have your facial. Your spa attendant will be working on your skin throughout the session, and if it's sore from a sunburn, certain parts of the facial may feel unpleasant. Depending on the severity of your sunburn, your spa attendant may even advise you that you should rebook your facial rather than go through with it if you show up with a burn. By staying away from the sun in the days prior to your facial, you'll avoid these issues.

Don't Exfoliate

A lot of people exfoliate the skin on their faces through various means. For example, you might use a specific type of scrub on your face that helps with exfoliation. In general, you shouldn't exfoliate in the days that lead up to your facial. The facial will include exfoliation work, so there's little value in you attempting to exfoliate in advance. If you were to thoroughly exfoliate the skin on your face before your facial appointment, this would hinder your spa attendant's ability to properly exfoliate you.

Choose The Right Clothing

It's worthwhile to think about what you'll wear to the spa when you visit for your facial appointment. You certainly want clothing that is comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time, but it's also useful to consider what add-on elements will be present in the facial. For example, a lot of people favor booking a package that includes a short neck or shoulder massage while they sit in the chair. If you're going this route, you won't want to wear a bulky shirt such as a hoodie that impedes the spa attendant's ability to massage you.


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