Leg Waxing Can Keep Your Legs Silky Smooth For Days

Posted on: 23 May 2022

If you're tired of having to shave your legs every day or every other day, you may want to try leg waxing. With waxing, the hair is pulled out at the roots so your legs stay smooth for several days. Leg waxing goes pretty fast, so it's easy to keep up with even if you need to be waxed every month or a little more often. Here are things to know about leg waxing.

The Best Results Come With Regular Waxing

The more often you have your legs waxed, the better your results. Your hairs get weaker after waxing, so if you stick with waxing, your hairs may come out easier and you'll have a lower risk of ingrown hairs. Plus, you can probably go longer between treatments.

Your first waxing session may be the most painful and also have the shortest results. Some hairs might grow back in within a few days. However, after a few sessions, leg waxing should be less painful and the results should last longer. However, that's only true if you don't shave between appointments.

The Pain Is Easy Enough To Handle

You may imagine leg waxing to be painful, so you avoid doing it. However, your legs get used to waxing fairly fast so your sessions don't hurt too bad. Even your first waxing session should be tolerable, although you'll probably feel a quick burst of pain and have some discomfort. You might ask for a test strip if you're leery so you can find out firsthand what leg waxing feels like before you book an appointment.

Exfoliating And Moisturizing Are Important

To have the smoothest legs after they've been waxed, you'll want to exfoliate and moisturize between your appointments. This keeps dead skin cells off the surface of your legs, helps prevent ingrown hairs, and makes your skin silky smooth.

You may need to moisturize your legs daily or every few days. You'll be given instructions at the leg waxing spa so you'll know how to care for your legs after waxing and prepare your legs for your next session.

Protect Your Legs For A Couple Of Days

Your legs might be a little tender after waxing, so you may need to avoid the sun and hot baths for a couple of days. Also, keep your legs clean so you can avoid infections. You'll need to let the hairs grow out a little before you can have them waxed again. It's also a good idea to avoid shaving between appointments if you can because shaving causes stubble and it can make waxing a little more uncomfortable.


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