Day Spa Services For Super Ticklish People

Posted on: 2 August 2022

People have varying levels of ticklishness. Some people are really only ticklish if someone intentionally tickles them in a really sensitive spot, such as their armpits or the bottoms of their feet. Other people are so ticklish that the mere thought of someone touching them gently makes them giggle and tense up. If you fall into this second category of super ticklish people, the idea of visiting a day spa may not sound appealing. But day spas are not just about massages and foot rubs. Here are some day spa services that you may find more appealing as someone who's really ticklish.


A pedicure may not appeal to you since most pedicures involve someone touching your feet and massaging your feet and legs. But a manicure does not involve nearly as much touching. Some day spa practitioners do give hand massages with a manicure. The hands tend to be less ticklish than other parts of the body, so you might enjoy this. And if your hands are actually ticklish, you can ask that the manicurist skip this part. They can just tidy up, trim, and polish your nails.

Steam Facials

Some styles of facials do involve the practitioner touching and massaging your face. But if this is not what you want, you can simply opt for a steam facial. This sort of facial involves exposing your face to steam, which loosens anything that has accumulated in your pores. Then, the practitioner may simply wash your face or apply a mask to remove this material. Steam facials are really good for anyone with acne, and also for those with dry skin. They tend to be one of the least "touchy" facial types.

Exfoliating Scrubs

No matter how ticklish you are, you are very unlikely to feel tickled when your skin is being rubbed by a rough, abrasive substance. So, an exfoliating scrub could be a nice service to choose at a day spa. You can have this done almost anywhere on your body where you feel your skin could use some brightening. There are facial exfolating scrubs, hand scrubs, and even lower leg scrubs. Tell the practitioner you're ticklish, and they'll make sure they only exfoliate you without a lot of softer-touch massaging or stroking.

If you're super ticklish, you can still visit and enjoy the day spa. You just want to choose services that are unlikely to trigger your ticklish response.

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