What Is A PDO Thread Lift And Should You Get One?

Posted on: 4 October 2022

What is a PDO thread lift? Should you get one? Where do you get a thread lift at? Will a PDO thread lift hurt? Here is a guide to help you know more about this cosmetic treatment so you can see if it's best for you. Costs vary for a PDO thread lift depending on several factors, including where you get one done, but in general, thread lifts are dramatically cheaper than a traditional facelift and far less invasive as well.

What is a PDO thread lift?

A thread lift is a minimally invasive facelift where surgical-grade threads are placed under the skin to allow the skin to be pulled taut. While the sutures are in place, the skin is also encouraged to produce more collagen to keep the results of the thread lift going strong. You can experience a noticeable improvement in the tightness and youthful appeal of your skin as soon as you have a thread lift completed.

Should you get a thread lift?

If you have been thinking about getting a facelift or other service to tighten your skin and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, then a thread lift may be right for you. The procedure is not invasive and does not take a lot of time and also does not require a lot of downtime to heal from. This means you have the opportunity to make your face look and feel more youthful without the cost and commitment that a facelift would require.

Where should you get a PDO facelift done?

You have a few options for getting a thread lift done. You can go to your local medical spa and have a thread lift done under the supervision of a medical doctor. This may be more cost-effective than going to a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon is also an option and can be a great one to choose if you are having other work done in addition to having a thread lift done. Speak to your specialist about your options so they can help you decide the best way to approach your situation.

If you want to get a thread lift, look at before and after photos of people who have had the procedure done and do some research online. Have a consult with a medical professional to decide what the best way to approach your situation is. This way, you get the excellent results you desire and all your expectations are met.

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